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Repairs: Chips, Holes, Silicone, Lippage, and More

We know stone inside and out.

Our services for marble floors, countertops, and vanities don’t stop at cleaning, sealing, and maintenance. Our team offers repairs and restoration as well.

Looking to restore the timeless elegance of marble, granite, or another kind of stone? Let the Marble Guys help.

Why Stone Gets Damaged

Limestone, marble, and sometimes even granite, quartz, and onyx (as well as other stones) are a natural material, which means that there are subtle imperfections that the naked eye cannot see. Yet, with repeated use—and sometimes improper use—those flaws can worsen. Marble, for instance, can quickly get worn down, or etched, forms pits, and may even crack.

For homeowners and business owners alike, seeing dulled and stained marble can be upsetting. After all, it wasn’t a cheap investment to use natural stone for countertops or flooring.

That is why we offer a broad range of services for marble that go beyond polishing and deep cleaning. If you find that your marble or tile floors, countertops, or vanities are starting to chip, have lippage, or the silicone sealant is starting to vanish, get in touch with us.

We are Experts at Stone Repair

Highly trained and experienced, our team can address all kinds of issues, such as holes, dullness, scratches, etching, lippage removal, and much more. Using only proven techniques and high quality materials, we can deliver results that exceed your expectations. Not only will the repairs we complete greatly improve the visual aesthetic of the tiles, counters, vanities, or whatever else needs to be repaired, but it will help prevent any further damages and a need for more costly replacements.

Here is a breakdown of stone repair services we offer:

  1. Re-securing loose tiles, stone slabs, and sinks
  2. Repairing cracked and missing grout between tiles
  3. Reducing or removing uneven stone slabs or high tiles, also known as lippage
  4. Replacing cracked tiles
  5. Repairing or replacing epoxy and silicone sealants for backsplashes, around sinks, and more
  6. Refinishing and polishing veins, cracks, and fissures
  7. Filling in holes, chips, cavities, and more

Unsure if your countertops, tiles, flooring, or other stone elements can be repaired? Give us a call.

Stone Repair FAQ

One thing we do at Marble Guys is help people—whether that’s repairing a fractured granite countertop or answering questions and concerns. We have received a lot of questions from customers about what we do, so to help you better understand what can be done and what to expect, here are some frequently asked questions:

Can you repair my broken marble or granite counter?

Of course! Though natural stone is often revered for being durable, accidents do happen. Sometimes, you can’t prevent chipping or other forms of damage. Our stone repair experts at Marble Guys are able to seamlessly unite and bind the stone back together, as well as blend hues so repairs are virtually invisible once completed.

Are there ways to prevent damage to my stone counters and floor?

Yes. Depending on the type of stone, be it marble or granite or something else, you should know that it is not impervious. Use a chemical free cleaning solution and a soft microfiber mop. Light vacuuming on flooring is recommended.

Never use acidic products on your stone floor or countertops. That will cause pitting, etching, and weakness, resulting in more extensive damage.

Will the restoration process create any dust?

Don’t worry. Our process limits the amount of dust created. When polishing is done with industrial diamonds, the stone is honed without any residual dust.

The same is true for marble grinding and lippage removal. We create a level surface with the same diamond-grinding technology. And if there is any mess, our technicians clean it up at the end of the project.


Do you have any other questions about our stone repair services? Get in touch with our team.
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